A New Story from Anthena

Hi Thia

I was a professional belly dancer for 26 years, now 56 years old, living in Spring Hill, Florida and only dancing for my own pleasure.  I thought you would like my story.  One day while driving to a bellygram, traffic was diverted off the main road.  I got lost and found myself on a dirt road leading to a private (keep-out) prominent mansions.  All of a sudden, a big guard dog ran in front of my car, causing me to skid, while the rear end of my car plunged in to a pond.  As I was half in the pond and half on the road, I managed to get out of my car, only to be greeted by unfriendly faces of the residents.  Once they seen how I was dressed , you can image the look I received.  I asked if I could possibly use the telephone to call for a tow truck.  Relunctly, one of the ladies brought me to her home, but wasn't friendly.  If that wasn't bad enough, she called the police.  When the tow truck and the police arrived I was even more embarrassed.  The police let me go with no questions, just smirks and tow truck owner accepted half of the fee for towing my car.  May I add, I was dressed, ready to dance , zills and all!

a  story , from halfway around the world--Australia!

Hi Thia,

My name is Sarah and I am a belly dance performer and instructor living in Darwin, which is in the Northern Territory of Australia. I was journeying through your web site and remembered a rather embarrassing incident that you might like to include in your "Adventures in Belly Dancing" section.

Many years ago when I was a novice performer, my troupe was invited to perform at the opening of a jewelry store in the most exclusive area of the city. Well, the store wasn't especially large, and there were many people sipping champagne and milling around inside. I was dancing through the crowd, and decided that some snake arms would be appropriate. Unfortunately, I overestimated how much arm room I had, and succeeded in knocking a rather important gentleman's glasses off his face and onto the floor! To make matters worse, one of the lenses popped out of his glasses! Fortunately, the person concerned was very good about the incident and could even see the humor in being "damaged by a belly dancer." The lense was easily replaced and there was no real damage done, except to my pride! You can bet that from then on, I only did elaborate arm movements when I was sure that there was at least 2 meters between myself and anyone else!

Yours in Dance,


P.S. I can sympathize with the falling underwear story--one of my dance troupe members experienced a similar incident. You are not alone!

(Note: This first story in "Adventures in Belly dancing" comes from Sarah--if you have had an interesting, funny or unique experience while belly dancing, please send it to Thia through the Talk to Me! page, and we will include it in future editions of "Adventures in Belly dancing.")