Belly Dance Lessons
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Learn the Ancient Art of Bellydancing while having Fun and Improving Your Fitness

BellyDancing by Thia
Egyptian Dance Center
3345 South 300 West B2 (Walton Park)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

801-266-0473 or 801-466-4337

Whether it's your first class or your a veteran looking for ways to improve, Thia's award winning approach in technique, customing, choreography, and performance will give you the tools to become a beautiful dancer! Her skill as a teacher/performer plus her talented and qualified staff can help you discover the "Goddess" within! Thia is a multi-award winner and has performed and taught workshops and seminars throughout the United States as well as in Germany, Greece, and Turkey. She has also studied in Egypt and openly shares her expertise and wisdom with all her students!

Here is a listing of Dates, Times, and Pictures of Teachers
*Please call Thia at 801-266-0473 or 801-466-4337
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Beginning Classes On-Going
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Class schedule for 2017



Beginning Classes
Monday 7-8 pm Teacher, Heidi

Thursday 8-9 pm Teacher, Mecha

Saturday 10-11 am Teacher, Meada


Performing Classes
Monday 8-9 pm "Topaz" Teacher, Heidi

Tuesday 7-8 pm "Ultima" Teacher's Troupe,Teacher, Thia

Tuesday 8-9 pm "Azalea" Teacher, Meada

Wednesday 6-7 pm "Allure" Teacher, Heidi

Wednesday 7-8 pm "Amethyst" Teacher, Thia

Thursday 7-8 pm "Wysteria" Teacher, Thia

Children's & Teen Classes
Saturday 8:00-8:45 am "Pizazz" Teens, Teacher, Kissa

Saturday 8:45-9:30 am "Nova" Children, Teacher, Kissa

Saturday 9:30-10:00 am "Tiny Tots" 4-7 Teacher, Kissa

Zumba Classes
Thursday 6-7 pm Teacher, Mecha





















Thia Meada Heidi Kissa Mecha

Thia Meada Heidi Kissa Mecha
Back Bend